How to Reset Skill Tree in Stellar Blade
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How to Reset Skill Tree in Stellar Blade (Respec Explained)

In Stellar Blade, you can only reset your skill points if you use a specific item at the correct location. This guide will explain how to reset the Skill Tree in Stellar Blade and break down what you need to do to Respec EVE.

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Stellar Blade Skill Tree Menu
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How to Respec in Stellar Blade

If you are trying to reset your Skill Tree in Stellar Blade and are confused when you get an error message, you are not alone! It took me a few hours to figure the whole system out. This is because you can’t actually reset your skills in the Skills Menu.

To reset the Skill Tree in Stellar Blade, you need to use an SP Initializer item while resting at camp. If you are still confused, we’ve got you covered! Here are the steps you need to take to reset your Stellar Blade Skill Tree:

  • Find or purchase an SP Initializer.
  • Head to a camp spot and access the “Skill Settings” terminal that is next to the vending machine.
  • In the Skill Settings terminal, select the Skill Tree you want to reset and press the “Triangle” button on your controller.
  • You can now use a single SP Initializer item from your inventory to reset the Skill Tree you are currently on.
Reset Skill Tree in Stellar Blade
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How to reset Skill Points in Stellar Blade

The first step is the trickiest part, as you need to obtain an SP Initializer. By the time I wanted to respec in my game, I already had five of the SP items in my inventory just from completing side quests and opening chest in the overworld.

However, once you progress to your game, you can actually purchase them from the vending machine at camp. Once get your hands on an SP Initializer, head to a camp and look for the “Skill Settings” terminal. If you are already at Xion, this is located next to Lily and your ship.

Stellar Blade Skill Settings Terminal
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Once you access the Skill Settings terminal, your game will pull up your Skills menu. From here, just press “Triangle” on your controller to reset your Skill Tree. However, it’s important to note that a single SP Initializer will not reset every Skill Tree on your character. It will only reset the tree you are currently on. So be careful before accepting.

Reset Skill Tree button in Stellar Blade
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How to Get SP Initializer in Stellar Blade

In Stellar Blade, SP Initializer can be purchased at camp vending machines or from shop vendors at Xion. Thankfully, the item usually only costs 200 Gold, so you can reset your Skill Tree pretty early in the game without too much fuss.

If your camp Vending Machine isn’t yet selling SP Initializer, then try Sister’s Junk store in Xion. You can find the makeshift store on the map below:

SP Initializer Location in Stellar Blade
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You will need to progress the story past the game’s opening level, “Eidos 7,” before you can reset your Skill Tree. Once you reach the city of Xion in Chapter 2, you will get access to SP Initializer Items.

Just remember to visit your camp’s Skill Settings terminal, as it won’t work from your main menu. For more tips on the Shift Up RPG, check out our All Outfits in Stellar Blade (& How to Unlock Nano Suits) guide.

Stellar Blade is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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