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How to Scrap Junk in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, knowing how to make the most of your resources is essential for survival and progression. So, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to scrap junk in Fallout 4, why you need a lot of it, and how to get the most of of the wastelands resources.

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Scrapping junk in Fallout 4 is straightforward. First, hold onto any junk items while out exploring the wasteland. These items range from broken appliances to useless trinkets. Once you’ve got a full inventory of junk, head to a workbench located in any of your settlements. You can transfer all your junk at once which will just be held in your settlements inventory.

Inside the settlement and at crafting tables, junk items automatically break down into components like steel, wood, or circuitry. You can also scrap any items in your settlement while in workshop mode. open the workshop menu (hold V on PC, touchpad on PS4, or View button on Xbox One) and move to the items you want to scrap.

Why scrap junk in Fallout 4?

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Junk is the backbone of crafting and building in Fallout 4. You need it for constructing buildings, creating defensive structures, and producing power in your settlements. Additionally, upgrading your weapons and armor requires specific materials that come from scrapping junk.

Focus on items with rarer components like adhesive, screws, and aluminum. These are often the limiting factors in crafting advanced gear and structures. You can keep your character’s inventory manageable by frequently transferring junk to workbenches. This practice helps you avoid being over-encumbered.

Scrapping junk in Fallout 4 ensures a steady flow of materials for crafting, building, and surviving in the commonwealth. Prioritize collecting and scrapping junk, and follow these best practices to make the most out of every piece of debris you find.

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