Honkai: Star Rail Nameless Honor Unlocks Rewards Like Light Cones

How to Take Part in Honkai: Star Rail Nameless Honor for Light Cones
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Ahead of the Honkai: Star Rail launch, HoYoVerse went over its equivalent to Genshin Impact‘s Battle Pass: Nameless Honor. This is essentially a battle pass with free and paid tiers. The one everyone has access to is Nameless Gift, while the one you need to pay to unlock is Nameless Glory. As you engage in regular activities in-game, you’ll earn experience to hit levels, which will add rewards. (You can also choose to “purchase level” to immediately reach a new tier.) Each Nameless Honor pass lasts until the next patch, and the first one is set to end on June 5, 2023.

People won’t immediately be able to start earning Nameless Honor levels in Honkai: Star Rail. Like Genshin Impact, you need to play for a bit and raise what is essentially your player level first to gain access. In the case of this game, you need to be at about Trailblaze Level 13 or higher and finished the quest “Jarilo-VI” – Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge.” If you have, then you’ll immediately be able to access Nameless Honor and start earning rewards from the Nameless Gift tier.

Depending on the tier, certain rewards will be available. For example, you might get passes to pull on the various Warp banners in the game. The Nameless Glory paid tier is the only one with Star Rail Special Passes, Stellar Jades, and Light Cones as rewards, however. Daily, weekly, and current patch missions all increase its level.

As for the Honkai: Star Rail four-star Light Cones people can find in the Nameless Glory level, here’s what will be available to choose from. As a note, these are equipped to a character to offer certain perks to both that character and in some cases other allies in the party.

  • Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds
  • Nowhere to Run
  • Return to Darkness
  • This is Me!
  • Today is Another Peaceful Day
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights
  • We Will Meet Again

Here’s HoYoVerse’s official art looking at all of the Light Cones.

Honkai: Star Rail will come to the PC and mobile devices on April 26, 2023, and the Nameless event lets people earn Nameless Honor for Light Cones until June 5, 2023.

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