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How to Unlock the FFXIV Heaven-on-High Deep Dungeon

Unlock Heaven on High FFXIV

Heaven-on-High is the second Deep Dungeon available for players to tackle in Final Fantasy XIV. Like the Palace of the Dead, this unique style of dungeon features procedurally generated levels that are full to the brim with challenging monsters. And much like other Deep Dungeons, this is another way for players to level up their combat Job Classes without wholly relying on the leveling roulette. This guide will break down how to unlock Heaven-on-High in FFXIV.

The first two requirements players must have in order to access Heaven-on-High is to have at least reached floor 50 in Palace of the Dead and to have completed the Main Scenario Quest “The Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out.” This is a level 63 Main Scenario Quest, which means you will have access to Heaven-on-High long before the conclusion of the Stormblood expansion — which you need in order to access this specific Deep Dungeon. If you’re not sure how to unlock Palace of the Dead, you can click here to find out how to get access to this Deep Dungeon. Outside of that, the unlock requirements in FFXIV for Heaven-on-High aren’t very intensive.

Once these requirements have been met, head to the the Ruby Sea and talk to Hamakaze at X:6.2, Y:11.7 to begin the quest “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” Once you complete the series of quests that follow, you will then have access to Heaven-on-High. However, unlike Palace of the Dead, you cannot enter this Deep Dungeon at level 1. You will need to have the Job Class you want to take into Heaven-on-High at level 61 before you can dive in.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC.

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