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How to Unlock More Limit Breaks in FFVII Ever Crisis

Limit Breaks have been an essential part of Final Fantasy through numerous numbered games. So it isn’t a surprise that they appear in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Each character in the mobile game will start with one Limit Break. For example, Aerith will start with Healing Wind, which is invaluable due to its healing capabilities. But in order to unlock an additional Limit Break for your characters and obtain Red XIII‘s extremely valuable Lunar Cry Limit Break and Matt’s Galactic Shield Limit Break, you’ll need to fulfill some requirements. This is how you can unlock more Limit Breaks in FFVII Ever Crisis.

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How to Unlock More Limit Breaks FFVII Ever Crisis

First, to unlock additional Limit Breaks, players will need to progress the story. This is because a specific feature is locked behind Main Story progression for both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Once you have progressed the story of each respective campaign, the Growth tab will become available. Tap on that, and then navigate to Character. The second Limit Break is actually located beneath the starting point of the Character Stream. So just slide your finger down to reveal the path on the Character Stream.

But more importantly, in order to actually unlock said Limit Breaks, you will need to complete Unlock Missions. This means that you will need to spend 300 Stamina with the respective character in your party, use said character’s Limit Break 10 times, deliver x10 Memory Shards of said character, deliver 10,000 gil, and deliver x30 of a specific material. This material will vary by character. You can see what you will need by simply tapping on the Limit Break you want to unlock, then scrolling down.

The list of available Limit Breaks per character are as follows:

  • Cloud: Cross Slash (Default), Blade Beam
  • Tifa: Somersault (Default), Waterkick
  • Barret: Grenade Bomb (Default), Mindblow
  • Aerith: Healing Wind (Default), Evil Wind
  • Zack: Slash Combo (Default), Meteor Shots
  • Glenn: Blazing Onslaught (Default), Stage of Defeat
  • Matt: Valiant Attempt (Default), Galactic Shield
  • Lucia: Queen’s Shot (Default), Cerulean Raven

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available for Android and iOS. You can read about our best team suggestions in FFVII Ever Crisis as well.

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