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Huh, Turns Out It’s Quite Easy To Play As An Octoling In Splatoon


The Splatoon hacker who previously found a way to play as an Octoling in Splatoon’s single player has now discovered that it’s actually pretty easy to play as one in online matches too.


To prove it, Nikki, the hacker, has uploaded a video of an Octoling facing an opponent in a multiplayer match. “Well, I guess Octolings might really be coming,” writes Nikki in the video description. “All I had to do was edit my save for the Player ID. 0 = Female Inkling, 1 = Male Inkling, 2 = Female Octoling.”


That’s all it took. Not much of a hack really, just a simple text modification to the Player ID in the save file.

In a second video featuring the playable Octoling, which you can watch above, Nikki reaffirms that getting this to work isn’t a hack. “No hacks means no hacks, it works on any console that you’re able to copy it to, and it will work /without modification/. The game has no way to set it yet, so I do it manually.”

Chris Priestman