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Hunting A Khezu In The Monster Hunter Stories Demo


Capcom released a Monster Hunter Stories demo here in Japan and while I expected it to be the same demo they brought with them to this year’s Monster Hunter Festas in Nagoya and Osaka, it offers new challenges, new features, and new Otomon (Monsters? Myverns? Call them what you will) to explore with.


Monster Hunter Stories injects some RPG flavor into Capcom’s famous Monster Hunter series, offering the payer a chance to experience life in the Monster Hunter world as a Monster Rider – a companion to monsters – as opposed to a hunter. The demo lets you choose between participating in a tournament and completing a quest. This video covers the quest section of the demo, which has you search for two Wyvern Eggs and defeat a Khezu.



We’ll be covering Monster Hunter Stories through its release on October 8 in Japan, so keep your eyes on the lookout for coverage here on Siliconera.