Hyper Light Drifter Dev Also Working On Ronin Brawler Kyoto Wild



Hyper Light Drifter co-developer Teddy Diefenbach is working on a 4-player ronin brawler set in feudal Japan called Kyoto Wild.


The conflict starts after a village-wide brawl is ignited, triggering the former masters to face off against one another with any weapon they have to hand. This includes swords, paper fans, knives, rakes, and so on.


The battles have a one-hit kill rule, so they should be over pretty quickly, but this is a tale of a whole town and not just a single battle. As such, the winner of the first match will then run through the village until fighting more assailants controlled by the other three players.


And that’s how it goes – a player wins, and then they run into the next battle scene to fight again. You can find more information about Kyoto Wild on its website, although not too much more as it’s  still in early development.

Chris Priestman
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