I Can’t Help Loving Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
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I Can’t Help Loving Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

When I first played Final Fantasy VII on my PC in high school, I hated Yuffie. I thought she was annoying. I didn’t feel like she brought anything to the party. I felt an obligation to get her, but then never used her. However, thanks the way Yuffie plays and behaves in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, I couldn’t help not only loving her, but feeling like she might be one of my most valuable allies.

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I was a bit worried about Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, because while I did enjoy her INTERmission DLC and how it attempted to offer more insight into why she was around Midgar, I still didn’t really click with her right away. I liked Sonon as a character more, and I also ended up more excited about seeing Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Deepground cameos than her. She was fine? Clearly, the tone was tempered to humanize her a bit more. 

But once I got into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth proper, I saw how much better Yuffie is as a character and party member than she ever was before. I think it’s because now she isn’t optional and better integrated into the story. We’re seeing her initially as an agent focused on her own task, to the point where she’ll even sell out other people who helped her to get an edge. We watch as she commits the the assassination attempt, with the part of her trying to still her breathing and aim properly as a reminder that this is just a teenager being tasked with a mission far beyond her years. Once she’s in Costa del Sol being more childish, then coming through with a save, it really cements that maybe she’s not really annoying. Maybe she’s just a young adult dealing with terrible things in a dangerous world who is getting by as best she can, while still trying to preserve her signature energy and enthusiasm. 

Or maybe I’m just making excuses because once she’s fully in your party, Yuffie is absolutely incredible in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Is there a flying enemy? Throw the shuriken and mash the attack button. Is there an enemy with an elemental weakness? Use Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Wind Ninjutsu, throw the shuriken, and mash the attack button. Do you want to stagger an enemy swiftly? Use the Doppelganger ability, throw the shuriken, and mash the attack button. She’s even great at dealing damage to a large group, thanks to abilities like Shooting Star and Windstorm.

Her being an absolute force in battle pairs well with the little things that help define Yuffie’s personality and make her lovable. The fact that she gets car sick when traveling via any method of transportation that isn’t a Chocobo. How when she and Tifa found the baby bird, they both decided it was Cloud Jr. and “Cloud, but cute.” How when they’re in Gongaga and she’s dealing with a small town, she has her little “bored” song. The fact that she adds lyrics to the Chocobo theme song while she’s riding one. How when we met Dio during the Gold Saucer dance number, she was mesmerized by his physique. She acts like an exuberant teenager, and it’s fantastic. Rather than being annoying by it, like I was as a teenager, I’m embracing it all.

Not to mention Square Enix still pays tribute to what it was like to actually recruit Yuffie back in the day in Final Fantasy VII. When you finally get her to join your party after the events in Costa del Sol, she meets you outside Johnny’s inn. A conversation ensues, which is like the original in that you’re constantly needing to respond to her questions, boasts, and challenge. Naturally, she’ll end up in the party either way. But the fact that it plays out similarly is really fun, and I feel it makes her more likable. 

In short, after so many years I finally really adore Yuffie as a character, and it is all because of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She really stands out as an individual, both because she’s so handy in battle and is better integrated into the story this time around.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available on the PS5, with the exclusivity arrangement ending on May 29, 2024.

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