Ichiban Kuji Mimikyu’s Cafe Time Will Have Two Plushes Again

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Ichiban Kuji will have yet another collection focusing on the Pokemon Mimikyu. The collection this time has the name ‘Mimikyu’s Cafe Time’ and has a total of nine possible prizes. Like the previous Mimikyu-focused Ichiban Kuji collection, Mimikyu’s Sweets Party, there are two Mimikyu plushes in the pool. It will cost 650 JPY per try. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The entire list of items in the line-up is:

  • A Prize: Mimikyu plush
  • B Prize: Coffee/teapot
  • C Prize: Soft blanket
  • D Prize: Tote bag
  • E Prize: Mug
  • F Prize: Tablecloth
  • G Prize: Hand towel
  • H Prize: Acrylic charm
  • Last One Prize: Mimikyu plush (Last One version)
  • Double Chance Campaign: Mimikyu plush (Last One version)

There are no pictures yet of what the items will look like. However, judging from the key visual for the Mimikyu’s Cafe Time collection, we can take a guess at what other characters will be on the goods. Pokemon aside from Mimikyu that may appear on the Ichiban Kuji prizes include Dedenne, Morpeko, and Alcremie. Popular favorites Pikachu, Eevee, and Piplup will be there as well.

The Mimikyu’s Cafe Time Ichiban Kuji will be available at an unknown date in the future in Japan. Those in Japan will be able to participate at bookstores, Tsutaya, Animate, game centers, Pokemon Centers, and so on.

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