Ichiban Kuji Mimikyu’s Sweets Party Has Two Mimikyu Dolls

Mimikyu's Sweets Party Ichiban Kuji

A new Pokemon-themed Ichiban Kuji collection that focuses on Mimikyu is now available in game centers, bookstores, and other related shops in Japan. Like previous Ichiban Kuji lotteries, it costs 650 yen to play. The full name of the collection is “Mimikyu’s Sweets Party,” and as it says on the tin, it heavily features the popular ghost-type Pokemon with a variety of pastries and candies. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Here is the entire line-up for the Mimikyu’s Sweets Party Ichiban Kuji:

  • A Prize: Mimikyu doll (around 30 centimeters)
  • B Prize: Mimikyu accessory case
  • C Prize: Teapot
  • D Prize: Blanket
  • E Prize: Tableware collection (4 variations to choose from)
  • F Prize: Storage containers (5 variations)
  • G Prize: Hand towel
  • H Prize: Acrylic charms (8 variations)
  • Last One Prize: Mimikyu doll ~ Last One Version ~

The only difference between the A prize Mimikyu doll and the Last One version is that the Last One version has starry eyes. Other Pokemon that appear in this collection are Eevee, Snorlax, Mew, Dedenne, Jigglypuff, and Galarian Ponyta. They are all Pokemon that are either popular mascots for merchandise, or suit the pastel aesthetic of the Mimikyu’s Sweets Party collection. Pikachu and Eevee make frequent appearances, such as in the Pokemon Anytime line-up earlier this year.

The Pokemon Mimikyu’s Sweets Party Ichiban Kuji collection is currently available in Japan. Those who live internationally may require a proxy service to get these items.

Stephanie Liu
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