Imagine Romeo and Juliet, But With Vampires And Guns



In case you thought you’d seen it all when Idea Factory released their take on the Arthurian legend in Princess Arthur, which featured a female version of Prince Arthur dating the Knights of the Round Table, QuinRose introduces Romeo vs. Juliet, their take on William Shakespeare’s famous play, with the added twist of vampires and assault rifles.


The story takes place in the country of Verona, where vampires and humans are at war. At the border of the lands, where the war is most severe, lives the main character, a young Capulet girl (Juliet) who spends her days training to become a Vampire Hunter.


Meanwhile, the Grand Duke of Verona has announced a conciliatory policy with the vampires. Appalled by the sudden announcement, the supporters and opposition go into a state of confusion. Then out of nowhere, a certain someone appears in front of Juliet.


Juliet Capulet



The main character is none other than Juliet Capulet. She’s part of the Capulet family, who are known for fighting vampires to protect mankind. She has great pride in her family name, and has been taught the ways of the Vampire Hunter, as she was raised. She is currently training to become qualified as a full-fledged hunter.


Romeo Montague



Our main man, Romeo, is part of the Montague family, who are the leaders of the vampires. Romeo also happens to be a king-like figure to the vampires. Due to past experiences, he regards humans with nothing but contempt, and objects the conciliatory policy that was announced by the Grand Duke of Verona.


Mercutio Eterna



A popular character from the original play Mercutio, stays true to his character in QuinRose’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet. He is Romeo’s cousin and also best friend. Mercutio is also known to be one of the most powerful vampires. He may be a jokester and playboy, but he’ll also have his more serious moments.


William Shakespeare



If it wasn’t wacky enough to have vampires in Romeo vs. Juliet, why not throw in Sir William Shakespeare, himself? He will be appearing as a doctor who stumbles across the church and frequents the Grand Duke of Verona.



Benvolio Montague is seen trying to get a taste of Juliet.



Shakespeare may have been a great writer, but his medical skills are questionable.



What happens in Verona, stays in Verona. Benvolio and Escalus caught partying.



Benvolio just can’t seem to catch a break!



If this is how the Capulets roll, Romeo might have a little trouble getting to that balcony.



Romeo is about to get passionate with Juliet. To bite, or not to bite?


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Romeo vs. Juliet was released today for PSP in Japan.


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