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The Imperial Army Characters Are Next To Get The Spotlight For Valkyria Chronicles 4


empire 1

The next characters to get a character spotlight on the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Twitter this week were Crimaria, Woltz, and Velgar from the Empire. Teresa and Yashu from Squad E were also introduced.


Imperial Army

Crimaria Revane:

Concept art

empire 2

empire 3


Early character concept art

empire 4


According to Sega, the character design for Crimaria was more or less decided early on. While Valkyrias in past games held lances and shields, she holds a staff, and has the image of a mage that focuses on AoE attacks.


Crimaria’s character trailer, “The Blizzard Mage”:



Klaus Woltz:

empire 5


Colonel Klaus Woltz is the leader of the Imperial Army’s elite squad, ‘Ausbruch’. While he’s very good at fighting, his squad is treated as a wild card in the army due to Woltz’s arbitrary decision-making.


empire 6

empire 7


Woltz’s personal tank, ‘Vulcan’.


Klaus Woltz’s character trailer, “The Ausbruch threat”:



Heinrich Velgar:

empire 8


Heinrich Velgar is a scientist who not only was successful in his experiments, but was able to apply them to military use. This gave him an immense amount of political power that he uses to the fullest extent.


Velgar’s character trailer, “The General of Conspiracy”:



Squad E



Teresa is an ally of Claude’s who sometimes seems more like an enemy. She has a passionate love of dissection, fondly remembering how she dissected a frog back at school, and how beautiful the innards looked. She wants to expand her dissection examinations to human subjects, and has a Potential that increases damage to human enemies.


Yashu Arato:


Yashu is amazing at calculations, and reflects this in his precise Grenadier attacks. He can even calculate down to the decimal in terms of how far the shells will go. However, this means he is easily shocked when his predictions go wrong for whatever reason. He also seems to have fallen in love with someone in Squad E, though he hasn’t realized this himself.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 will release in Japan on March 21, 2018 for PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch will get a release in Summer 2018. The game will come out in the West sometime in 2018 with an additional Xbox One platform release.

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