Nintendo DS

Impossible Mission: Classic C64 Gaming Exclusively at Gamestop


Impossible MissionWhen I went into Gamestop earlier in the week to pick up my usual helping of games, I was looking at the DS wall and found quite a surprise: a new Gamestop exclusive game called Impossible Mission!  I always love seeing exclusive titles and I hadn't heard of this release.  I recognized the name immediately from my internet surfing adventures. 


Impossible Mission is a classic Commodore 64 game where you control an unarmed spy and move through a robot-littered enemy secret base.  You must search through trash bins, desks, lockers, and any number of background objects to secure puzzle pieces and robot deactivation codes to use against an evil mastermind (who else would a video game spy foil?).  Coupled with the fact that your character has no weapons, the game's rooms and robots' abilities are randomly generated each game.  These factors make the game make your mission considerably difficult (or you may say impossible!) as you can't rely on an itchy trigger finger or your memorization skills to help you.  Only your platforming skill can help you complete the game.  If any of you have ever played the amazing classic Zillion for the Sega Master System, that game was based off Impossible Mission but with an added laser tag gun.  Impossible Mission is tough as nails but it's fun if you like really challenging old computer games.  The DS version comes with a port of the original game and a graphically enhanced remake with three playable characters.  Pick it up if you have ten bucks, love collecting retailer exclusive titles, and a hankering for the challenging adventure platformers of yore.