In Mugen Souls Z, Shirma Must Save The Galaxy Before Conquering It

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Shirma is ready to conquer the twelve worlds of the galaxy in Mugen Souls Z, even if it means having to stop a certain ‘something’ from awakening. Here’s a further look at the story.


Long ago, there was a god called the ‘Ultimate God’. After creating a galaxy consisting of twelve worlds connected together as a constellation, the Ultimate God was split into twelve parts, each one to rule a planet.


The story starts with the previous main character, Chou-Chou, who took the first step at an attempt to conquer the entire galaxy. During that time, a certain ‘something’ that once tried to destroy that same galaxy, was awakening.


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As a part of the Ultimate God, Shirma plans on gathering the strengths of all the other gods, in order to prevent that ‘something’ from awakening and sealing it, once again. Just as she takes the first step of her journey, she encounters another Ultimate God, Chou-Chou.


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Shirma is an "ultimate god" class character that awoke from a long sleep.  Aside from her name and her class, most of her memories from the past are lost. That giant coffin she carries around is actually her bed!


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Nao is a hero in training in search of a legendary weapon so she can become a true hero. While on her journey, Nao discovers Shirma waking up. Ace is an "ultimate god hunter", a mysterious lad that aims to take Shirma’s life. He’s a rough character that shows up with his wyvern and blocks Shirma.


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Mugen Souls Z is slated to be released in spring 2013, on the PlayStation 3.

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