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Indivisble’s Latest Character Reveal Is Single Mom And Warrior Phoebe



As Indivisible has surpassed the $450,000 funding mark on Indiegogo, Lab Zero has unveiled the game’s next Incarnation.


She’s called Phoebe and is given this description:


"Phoebe is a warrior and protector of her village. Having fended off multiple attempts by the Iron Kingdom’s forces to overtake her home, her strength is unmatched, and can fire full-length spears from her massive bow. She is a proud mother of three, raising them alongside her warrior husband before he lost his life on the battlefield.

In meeting Ajna, Phoebe finds that she must make a difficult choice: stay behind to protect her village, or leave it behind to fight a much greater threat, possibly never to return."


Lab Zero also recently returned to two of the previously revealed Incarnations. The first one is Vasco. His description goes as follows:


"A former officer in the Iron Kingdom’s army, Vasco was the best marksman in his unit and was feared throughout the battlefield. After being forced to waste his bullets on one too many defenseless citizens during the Iron Kingdom’s northern campaign, Vasco left the military to pursue his two loves: his rifle and money.

Born with intuitive mechanical ingenuity, he has customized his personal firearm quite extensively and has tuned it beyond the limits of a regular gun. But maintaining his gear comes at a cost: Vasco has become a deadly gun-for-hire, taking on any mission – no matter how dirty – if it pays the right amount."


The second revisited Incarnation is Thorani. Here’s her description:


"Thorani is a calm and caring celestial with a bit of a playful side. She enjoys living among humans, and hopes to bring joy to the citizens of Tai Krung City with her performances.

Being naturally gifted at channeling Iddhi, Thorani is able to conjure magical water into her hair. This water can cleanse people of their addiction to corrupted Soma, a dangerous drug spread by the kingpin Mara. Losing customers does not please Mara at all, and Thorani now finds herself caught in the drug lord’s sights."


Lab Zero says it has many more Incarnations to reveal and will continue to do so should certain funding goals be met.

Chris Priestman