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Indivisible Introduces Master And Beast Duo Kushi And Altun


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Over the weekend, Lab Zero put out a new update for Indivisible that introduces Kushi and Altun, a duo pair of characters who fight as one.


According to Lab Zero, Kushi is a young girl from Lhan, a monastery town. Her goal is to join the order of Protectors there, and her partner is Altun, a giant roc that chooses to fight alongside her.


Kushi and Altun can either work independently in Standing Mode, or fight together in Riding Mode. One benefit to having them to the party is that they don’t use iddhi for their super attacks, as Altun will do super-like damage at the cost of a long cooldown instead.


Kushi also can do a Standing Down Attack to send out Altun towards the enemy, with great damage but slow recovery:


Finally, in Standing Mode, Kushi can block with Altun’s wing as a shield. Yes, this means you can’t block in Riding Mode:


In Riding Mode, which is done using Up Attack, Kushi hangs onto Altun’s legs:



Altun’s Squawk Attack is a great AoE attack with okay damage but is a great way to generate iddhi:


Finally, using Up Attack in Riding Mode does the Dive attack that uses all current Battle Actions. The more stored up, they longer they’ll stay in the air and the more damage they’ll do with the dive. This is especially good, since in Riding Mode Kushi can’t block, and will get knocked back into Standing Mode if hit.


To end off the update, Lab Zero Games revealed that more updates will be posted in the coming weeks. Check out the full update page here.


Indivisible will launch on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

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