Interquel RPG Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story Has Been Retranslated

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story has gotten a retranslation by vivify93, mziab, Kini, Rose, and FFgriever and other members. The game is a turn-based RPG that is an interquel that happens between Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS.


In Another Story, the world is threatened by the appearance of the Oppositio Senshi, led by a woman named Apsu. Hailing from future Crystal Tokyo, they aim to change the destiny of the Earth by twisting the past and future itself.


The game originally received a translation by Bishoujo Senshi Translations back in 1999, after the game never came overseas. However, there were various mistranslations and various bugs in the base game that were never fixed, and this latest patch aims to do just that.


Check out some screenshots below:

sailor moon another story 2 sailor moon another story 3

sailor moon another story 4 sailor moon another story 5

You can find the game’s translation patch here.


Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story originally released on the Super Famicom.

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