Interview: Hololive Advent Vtuber Koseki Bijou Talks About Games and Events
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Interview: Hololive Advent Vtuber Koseki Bijou Talks About Games and Events

The five hololive Advent Vtubers will be celebrating their first anniversary with Cover in July 2024, and Siliconera caught up with members like Koseki Bijou to talk about their experience so far. In her case, we got a chance to hear about what it’s like to attend events, stream games, and what she’d like to accomplish in the future.

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Jenni Lada: What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do or the thing that you’re most happy about in your first year?

Koseki Bijou: Is it already almost a year? WOW it went by so quickly!! The coolest thing ever is just realizing that I’M HERE! and I feel so blessed to be here too! Being able to share my interests and enjoy playing games in front of people is mind boggling. People like watching ME? Playing VIDEO GAMES? That’s just crazy to think about! I love it when people tell me that they’ve bought a game because they enjoyed watching me have so much fun playing it. It’s the best feeling ever!

You’re quite adept at Souls-like games. What got you interested in the genre and what tips do you have for people?

Koseki Bijou: I like a challenge! I actually picked up Dark Souls III on a whim and didn’t really think too much about it, it was just a game series that I wanted to try. But I fell in love with it and all Souls-like games! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally beating a boss after hours of struggle! It’s the best! I guess my tips for people is don’t treat your deaths as failures. Treat them as you’re learning the fight and the moves. Enjoy the experience! When I go into a boss fight not thinking about beating it as quickly as possible (unless speedrunning or something) I’m going in to have fun!

Your use of memes and way of playing around with them have resulted in phrases like “Biboo tax” and your “Gyatt for the Rizzler” take on the meme song becoming known outside the hololive fandom. What led to you coming up with that?

Koseki Bijou: I think I’m pretty active in keeping up with current memes and I guess that knowledge helps. But a lot of the memes surrounding me are stuff that stuck within the community! Silly moments just naturally became memes, and those are actually my favorite ones because they remind me of the moments and streams surrounding them!

What was it like going to events? Is there anything you like to do to prepare?

Koseki Bijou: It’s really fun! The thing that gets me the most is being able to see everyone! When I’m streaming, I don’t actually realize the amount of people watching! It’s a different experience streaming and talking to chat and actually seeing all the Pebbles in person! It’s a really meaningful experience for me! My favorite parts are the meet and greets where I could talk to Pebbles one on one! I don’t really have a set routine to prepare me for these events, but one habit I like to do is take notes about the event before and after! I have fun little notes about all the Pebbles I meet so I can remember the experience!

What game or game would you like to play that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

Koseki Bijou: As you know, I really love Souls and challenging games! THE one game that I really wanted to play and haven’t gotten a chance to yet is Bloodborne! I heard that it’s a fan favorite among FromSoft games so I’m really itching to try it one day!! I’m also looking forward to the Elden Ring DLC as well!

What is your dream collab within hololive?

Koseki Bijou: Within hololive I wanna collab with my JP-senpai! I’m still a bit shy and the language barrier is my biggest struggle, but I’m doing my best to learn Japanese because I really admire them and want to talk with them properly and play games together! I think my dream collab would be with Towa-senpai because she’s SO cool!!

You can follow Koseki Bijou on social media and catch her streams on her YouTube channel.

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