Interview: Hololive’s Fuwawa and Mococo Talk Streaming, Moving to Japan
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Interview: Hololive’s Fuwawa and Mococo Talk Streaming, Moving to Japan

Leading up to the first anniversary of the hololive Advent, Siliconera got a chance to talk to each of the members of the generation, and that includes Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard. Like Shiori Novella, Koseki Bijou, and Nerissa Ravencroft, the twins talked about their experiences with hololive. They also discussed what it is like to stream as a duo and their recent move to Japan.

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Jenni Lada: Congratulations on your move to Japan! How difficult was it to make such a big move while also handling streaming responsibilities?

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard:It was really tricky! We definitely can’t say we recommend it, ahaha! We did our best to deal with the sudden limitations of the cardboard box we were staying in temporarily while we looked for our doghouse, but for us, the most difficult and frustrating part was not being able to spend more time together with our Ruffians while streaming. Of course we made sure to still stay close through Twitter and other means, but it just wasn’t the same as being live… After spending time together with the Ruffians almost everyday for well over half a year, it was a bit of a shock to our systems! We still had lots of Ruffians sending us support and headpats to us online daily, which helped push us through our mountain of quests, especially when they were really ruff on us. We’re really happy to be in our doghouse now! We feel so fortunate to have the Ruffians here supporting us always! They protect our smiles just as much as we do theirs. 

What are you most looking forward to doing now that you two are living in Japan? 

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: We want to be able to grow ourselves lots and lots! Of course we want to get to know our senpai more and to improve our Japanese, but we also hope to be able to take vocal and dance lessons! We want to be able to make use of everything available to us! That’s why we decided to move, so that we could grow ourselves even more and hopefully be able to protect our Ruffian’s smiles even better! Living in Japan has actually been a dream of ours since we were little puppies, but somewhere along the way we had given up on it… It’s been ruff, especially in recent years when we were locked up in The Cell and everything… But thanks to all our Ruffians, we were able to make that dream come true! We still haven’t been able to take advantage of things quite yet since we’re still just getting moved in and aren’t quite comfy yet, but we’re really looking forward to learning lots and lots and all the exciting things still to come! 

A number of your goals at debut involved getting to take part in things like the Odaiba Tokyo Idol Festival or be in a manga. How do you feel your relocation will help with some of these?

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: To be honest, we don’t know if it’s going to help us get closer to our dreams at all! All we can do is our best and make the most of every moment we have! We’ve felt a bit frustrated at times that we can’t do more, but we really want to show the world that we’re the right dogs for the job when we get thrown a new bone! We’re really excited when we get new opportunities, big or small, and we’re always up to a new experience or challenge! We’ll continue to work like dogs and believe that those big dreams will come true with some hard work! 

How do you feel about the excitement your fans showed over Mister Donut during hololive SUPER EXPO / 5th fes.?

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: We were really, really surprised! It’s a wonderful feeling seeing Ruffians from all over the world interested in visiting a place very special to us, and for us to be able to share something that’s brought us so much joy! It looked like the sights you’d see in Akihabara around 15 years ago when a new visual novel went on sale, and it made us feel really warm and nostalgic! We’ve heard that some Ruffians from overseas who can’t speak Japanese have been able to communicate with other Ruffians at Mister Donut by BAU BAUing together, so it makes us happy to hear that “BAU BAU” can transcend languages and bring everyone together! We really want Ruffians to be good friends together and to protect each other’s smiles when we’re busy at times with vocal or dance lessons or whatnot! We worry sometimes because Ruffians can be, well you know, a little bit ruff, but we know that there is a lot of fluffy and fuzziness deep down too! So it makes us really happy to see everyone getting along, creating things together, and just being a very warm and loving family! We do feel a bit bad because the pon-de-rings are always sold out though… bau bau… If they don’t have any in Akihabara, we recommend you check out their other locations, like in Asakusa or Ginza! 

One of your streaming fixtures is the FuwaMoco Morning Show. How did you two come up with the idea for it?

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: We’ve actually wanted to do FUWAMOCO MORNING since before we joined hololive! We really liked the idea of sharing mornings together with our Ruffians since sometimes mornings can be really ruff. We thought that if we had a morning show, we could all wake up early, have a paw-sitive start to the day, and share happy and healthy lives! That’s also why we have some of the viewer-submitted corners as a part of our show, because we want our Ruffians to go out for regular walks and be able to enjoy the world they live in! We really enjoy a good walk ourselves and we want to see what your world is like too! We’re so happy that many Ruffians decide to share their mornings with us and that we’re able to start your day off on the right paw! We’re almost at our 100th episode, but we hope we can continue to do so for many more episodes into the future. 

What kinds of challenges do you feel come from there being two of you working together for your streams? Do you ever encounter any kinds of technical issues because of it? 

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: Our technical setup is actually pretty complicated! We don’t think there are any other members in hololive who have a similar setup to us just because there are two of us! We’ve never said it before, but we almost weren’t able to debut on time because of the issues we were having… Luckily we were able to solve things and everything went on without a hitch! Because there are two of us it makes for a lot of problems that you wouldn’t think should be problems, and unfortunately we’re the only ones who can solve them. We have to get creative sometimes! As for challenges because we’re always working together, that’s never a problem for us! There are times where we do bump heads, but it’s usually just over something silly like we have the same idea or vision for a project and just aren’t communicating it to each other very well. We’re always each other’s biggest support though! We’re the fluff and the fuzz! 

Likewise, are there any perks that come from having someone else always around to help with streams?

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: We’re able to share the workload between each other on some things, which is really handy! Usually Mococo is more in charge of the technical aspect and game play and Fuwawa takes care of audio and reading comments more! Ruffians also get very curious about which one of us writes tweets and other messages, but it’s almost always both of us! Maybe it’s just Fuwawa’s paws who typed it out, but Mococo approved it and decided to add this or that to it! But no matter how many times we explain it, they don’t seem to get it… We think it’s really silly! What’s hard to understand about it, huh? (laughs) We also have lots of fun planning new ideas together that we think the Ruffians could get excited about… If we’re not streaming or working on projects, we’re almost always thinking up new ideas! 

You two are at over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube at this point. Do you have any special plans for when you hit the 1 million mark?

Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard: We’re hoping that we can do something really special, but more than anything, we just want to spend such a momentous occasion together with the Ruffians! Hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube has always been a huge dreams of ours since we debuted, but we’ve always said that more than reaching that goal, it’s the journey that’s important to us, so we want to have a bunch of fun together with our Ruffians while on that journey and make that dream come true altogether, the FUWAMOCO way! 

You can follow Fuwawa and Mococo on social media and catch their streams on their YouTube channel.

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