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Ironclad Tactics Brings Steampunk Civil War To Android, Also Coming To PS4



Spacechem developer Zachtronics Industries has released its previously PC-only, card-based tactical battler Ironclad Tactics onto Android via Google Play. Zachtronics has also said that it will be bringing the game to PlayStation 4.


This is one for fans of being piledrived by steampunk military robots. Just kidding – you’re supposed to take those metal brutes down with a mix of strategic thinking and, well, raw firepower.


Ironclad Tactics is set during an alternative Civil War, hence the robots. It has a story presented as a graphic novel, but this is more of an accompaniment to the turn-based battles rather than the domineering feature.


The idea, then, is to work your way through the game’s campaign, collecting cards to build out a solid deck. The further you progress the better your deck should get, but the enemies will, of course, also get a lot tougher.


As with many games, the idea here is to be accessible and easy to play, but a right old challenge to conquer. If you are struggling by yourself, there is a co-op campaign that you can try out with a friend. Failing that, you can always go up against each other in versus mode skirmishes.


Zachtronics says that there’s a possibility that Ironclad Tactics will also be released for iOS, but there are a lot of things preventing that right now – ultimately, it depends on how the Android version does.


You can download Ironclad  Tactics on Google Play for free – it does have micro-transactions. It’s built for tablets and, although it should run on your phone, it may be too small a screen to properly play it. The Windows, Mac, and Linux versions and all their DLC is available on Steam.

Chris Priestman