Ironside VShojo PC Case Sales Resume, Include Veibae

Ironside VShojo PC Case Sales Resume, Include Veibae

Back in December 2022, Ironside announced it would sell PC cases and custom PCs inspired by VShojo Vtubers. However, demand resulted in sales issues. Not to mention, one “character” was absent from the lineup at launch. Now on the evening of February 13, 2023, sales resumed and included Veibae.

Here’s the announcement confirming the computer cases are back.

As a reminder, there are multiple options when picking out an Ironside VShojo PC or PC case, with other Vtubers from the roster available in addition to the new Veibae option. People can also get Ironmouse. Nyatasha Nyanners, Apricot (Froot) the Lich, Silvervale, Amemiya Nazuna, Zentreya, Kson, Haruka Karibu, Projekt Melody, and Hime Hajime designs. All options’ colors match the design of the character tied to it. The case alone can be purchased for $219, in the event someone wants to assemble their own computer. However, Ironside is also allowing people to build their own PC through them, with options starting at the $1,056 “bronze” tier. There are also silver, gold, and platinum tiers, with the platinum options starting at $3,674.

As a note, people will need to wait a bit longer to get these cases. When these first launched, they had a March 2023 shipping estimate. The restock run is expected to begin shipping in April 2023. As these will be available to buy for six months, people should see them at Ironside until about July 2023.

Jenni Lada
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