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Isabelle Seems To Be Breaking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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It seems that Isabelle is every bit as deadly as she is cute. Over the past few days, it has been discovered that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomer Isabelle is related to two separate glitches in the game – one that causes the game to crash, and one that spawns Assist Characters endlessly.


Crash Glitch

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While testing out the latest version of the game, the glitch was found and posted on Reddit by andrewsbro. It was found that when Isabelle and Villager would pocket and remove one of Isabelle or Villager’s forward/backward air projectile back-and-forth, the game would suddenly crash.

Since then, it’s been found out that this glitch only works when it is Villager and Isabelle having this interaction, meaning that two Villagers or two Isabelles cannot do this glitch intentionally. The glitch also only occurs with that particular projectile, and does not work with other things, such as Villager’s Tree.


Infinite Assist Characters

isabelle glitches 1

There is a joke to be made here about Zero and spare bodies.


Discovered and posted onto Youtube by TheAfrowJow, this glitch happens when two Isabelles face off against each other with Assist Trophies turned on. When using the Fishing Rod to bring in the Assist Trophy, the other Isabelle must immediately follow-up and use Fishing Rod on the Assist Trophy after the first person uses the move. Doing so leaves the one who first picked it up in an eternally looping Assist Character spawning state that can make the stage crowded with Zeroes, Alucards, or even Guiles.


Check out some examples via the source video below:


The glitch doesn’t crash the game like the first one, and can easily be ended voluntarily by attacking the player spawning the Assist Characters. However, if it’s a 1v1 and a character that stuns the other player in place is unleashed, like Waluigi or Metroid, you’ll have no other choice but to end the current game.


Since the glitch was discovered, people have been posting some other examples of Assist Characters infinitely reinforcing the enemy. Check out some more from Twitter below:







Thankfully (?), the glitches are likely to be fixed in the next patch now that they have been discovered.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for Nintendo Switch.

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