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Japan PS5 Sales Surpass 2 Million Units

PS5 Japan Sales

A new report in Famitsu indicated that sales figures for the PlayStation 5 in Japan hit a new milestone. The hardware sales estimates for the week of October 17-23, 2022 note that Japan PS5 sales topped two million units sold. This number is a combination of both the standard edition PS5 and the less expensive digital edition. (That is the one without an optical drive.)

Overall, Japan PS5 sales saw a total of 2,027,783 units sold. 1,749,737 units were the standard, disc drive-equipped version. The digital edition PS5 was considerably less popular at 278,046 units sold. The PS5 launched in Japan in November 2020, putting it at just shy of 102 weeks before hitting the milestone. By comparison, the PS4 took 90 weeks to mark two million sold. This relative slowness was exacerbated by supply issues caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, PS5s are still often sold in Japan via lottery system.

In May 2022 Sony reported that the PS5 surpassed 19.3 million units sold globally.

Though the sales milestone is an achievement for the PS5 in Japan, the Nintendo Switch remains dominant overall. The Switch OLED model alone moved over 2.8 million units in the time since it launched. Across the three existing models of Switch, over 26.5 million units have been sold in Japan over the platform’s lifetime. Switch titles made up 8 of the top 10 best-selling games for the week. Splatoon 3 led the way, along with the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal. The top-selling PS5 game for the week was Gran Turismo 7, followed by the PS5 edition of Persona 5 Royal.

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