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PS5 Sales Surpass 19.3 Million Units Sold Worldwide

PS5 Sales

Sony released its fiscal year financial results, covering the period from April 2021 to March 2022. The presentation revealed that PS5 sales have passed 19.3 million units worldwide.

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Of this total, 2 million of the units shipped out in the last quarter of the fiscal year. Large as the figure was, it did not meet Sony’s initial sales target of 14.8 million consoles. Compared to the same time in the past fiscal year, the PS5 sales for the final quarter of fiscal 2021 fell short by about 1.3 million units. However, earlier reports from Sony suggested that that target would be difficult to meet due to ongoing supply chain issues and chip shortages. Sony did set a confident target for the current fiscal year, though, which ends in March 2023. Its new target stands at 18 million units sold.

Meanwhile, a mere 100,000 PS4s shipped to retailers in the final quarter of fiscal 2020. Shipments of the PS4 dropped by over 900,000 units compared to the year before. Lifetime shipments for the PS4 passed the 117.2 million mark, though. Besides PS4 shipments and PS5 sales, Sony also reported on the state of PS Plus. As of March 2022, 47.4 million users were subscribed to PS Plus. Sony’s revision of the PS Plus service will take place through 2022.

Sales of first-party games saw a major leap to 14.5 million sold. That’s an 84% increase compared to last year. Sony expects its game and network business to increases significantly through the current fiscal year.

The PS4 and PS5 are available worldwide.

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