JR East x Super Mario 35th Anniversary Events in Tokyo Start in October

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Tokyo

The JR East rail company is commemorating Super Mario‘s 35th anniversary in Tokyo with physical and digital events. The events will take place at 35 train stations along the Yamanote line and surrounding JR lines in the Tokyo area. Titled JR East Japan Super Mario Play! Tokyo!, the first event will be a “Stamp Rally” from October 8, 2020 through December 17, 2020.

So, what is a “Stamp Rally” exactly? Generally speaking, every train station has a unique stamp in Japan. Train enthusiasts can use special booklets to collect stamps upon visiting the respective stations. Participants in the Super Mario event will use their smartphones to collect stamps via QR codes instead of a booklet. Fans won’t know where which character’s stamp is, so they’ll have to visit the stations to find out. Below is a map of the participating locations.

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Tokyo map

There will also be a digital version of the Super Mario 35th anniversary Tokyo events. The main website will have stamps from a selection of stations, which will change daily. In contrast to the physical event, the digital event will be held only from November 10 through December 17.

Participants in either the physical or digital event will have a chance to win a limited edition JR East Super Mario pass case for their IC cards. IC Cards are used as digital payment to ride public transit in Japan. Here’s a mock-up of the pass’s design.

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Tokyo pass

Additionally, Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station will have special exhibits to celebrate Mario’s 35th. There will be large art installations featuring the history of Mario characters and their designs over the years. Fans are encouraged to take photos next to the art; staff will be in attendance to control the flow of the crowd. The exhibits will be on display from October 8 through November 23. Below are some mock-ups of the exhibits.

The main JR East Japan Super Mario Play! Tokyo! event will run from October 8, 2020 through December 17, 2020.

Oni Dino
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