KanColle Season 2 to Arrive in Fall 2022

KanColle Season 2

During the Chinjyufu New Year Live broadcast, it was revealed that KanColle season 2 will arrive in Fall 2022. The second season was originally announced in 2015. However, any news about the production had gone dark, with the exception of Kadokawa reassuring consumers that the anime was still in production in 2019.

KanColle season 2 will be broadcast sometime in Fall 2022. However, it is unclear if the season will receive a simultaneous worldwide release. It is also unknown if it will be exclusive to Japan for a period of time.

KanColle, which is also known as Kantai Collection, is a web browser game where players can obtain characters based on prominent war ships. The game was made available for mobile devices in 2016, which contributed to its surge in popularity. Players can assemble a team of characters to advance progression on the map or even engage in player versus player battles.

The series rose to popularity in 2015, and subsequently received an animated adaptation within the same year. Shortly after the first season aired in 2015, a sequel was announced. Additionally, in 2019 it was revealed that another KanColle related animated project was in the works. However, further information regarding this project has yet to be revealed. The series has also received an official table-top RPG and a PlayStation Vita game.

KanColle is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

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