Kawase, Curly, And Solange Were Challenging To Turn Into Blade Strangers Characters

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Blade Strangers is due to come out this summer for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but not much is still known about the upcoming crossover fighter. Recently, director Toshinobu Kondo talked a bit more about the game, including characters who were tough to turn into fighting game characters, and the Story Mode. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything!]


Here are the highlights:

Which character was the most interesting to work on? Which one did you have difficulties transforming into a fighter?


Toshinobu Kondo, director: “Creating characters involves pumping a lot of life into that character. Each and every character was extremely fun to work on, but if I had to choose, I would say Lina was a highlight for me. Regarding characters that posed challenges to work on: Kawase’s fishing lure, Curly’s Machine Gun and Solange’s sword all made it difficult to adjust the battle balance. Characters who hold weapons can sometimes be too advantageous in a fighting game, but we are happy with the balance that we’ve achieved.”


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Several different modes are planned, including Story, Missions, and Arcade. What can fans expect from these different features?


Kondo: “The story in Story Mode is based on modern space science. It’s mostly made up, but in truth, it’s actually for real! (lol) We look forward to seeing what players think of it and how they will analyze it. There are also some parts of the story that give you new background information about the characters and the games in which they originally appeared, so fans can look forward to that! Regarding the other modes in the game, we’ll share more details on those in the future.”


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Will the Switch version support split Joy-Con play with single controllers and / or HD Rumble?


Kondo: “Split Joy-Con play is under consideration, but we haven’t confirmed it for Blade Strangers at this time. HD Rumble will not be supported in this game.”


What’s one aspect that fans may not know about Blade Strangers?


Kondo: “There are still many elements that have not been revealed yet, so please look forward to our upcoming announcements!”


Blade Strangers will release in Summer 2018 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam for $39.99.

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