Kazushige Nojima Thinks a FFVII Remake Novel About Vincent Valentine Could Be Interesting

FFVII Remake Novel Vincent Valentine

In an interview with Square Enix, Story and Scenario Writer for FFVII Remake Kazushige Nojima revealed that a possibility of light novel about Vincent Valentine could be interesting. Nojima also detailed his thought process when creating the individual stories for both Tifa and Aerith in the Final Fantasy VII Remake light novel Trace of Two Pasts. [Thanks, aitaikimochi!]

When asked about the potential of any future FFVII Remake light novels, Nojima mentioned that he thinks a novel about Vincent Valentine would be interesting. The full quote is as follows:

Outside of Yuffie, all of the characters are older men I guess… Vincent could be interesting.

Additionally, Nojima mentioned that something he wanted to write about was the Gainsborough house. Due to how different it looks in comparison to other houses in the slums, Nojima wanted to explore why this was the case. It ended up becoming the origin of the plot of Trace of Two Pasts.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of Two Pasts is a light novel that stars Tifa Lockheart and Aerith Gainsborough. It explores the various aspects of their individual childhoods. It also serves as a prequel novel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the interview, Nojima explains that Trace of Two Pasts‘ foundation is Final Fantasy VII Remake, and not the original title.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeĀ is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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