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Killer Is Dead Katana Arts And Gigolo Missions Revealed


Most of these screenshots from Killer is Dead come from the boss battle with Victor, which I saw with Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda explaining how the game works. More details about Mondo Zappa’s katana arts.


killerisdead_04 killerisdead_03


Mondo uses a sword called Gekkou (literally translated as Moonlight) and this weapon has the unique power to absorb the blood of his enemies. Your basic attacks in the game are a slash, guard, and dodge to evade. Mondo also has his interchangeable mecha arm, which we’ll get to in a bit. After you absorb enough blood Gekkou glows blue and Mondo does more damage plus his attacks chain into combos.


killerisdead_05 killerisdead_06 killerisdead_09 killerisdead_10


On top of a basic block, Mondo has a just guard technique. If you press guard right when an enemy attacks you can momentarily stunt hem. So, if you’re good at timing attacks you can stagger enemies with a block and follow up with a slashing combo. Alternatively, you can dodge attacks, which is a good technique to use when you want to close distance between you and enemy. Mondo’s gun arm gives him a long range attack. If you can land a head shot you can kill some enemies in one hit.



Here’s a look at the regular enemies. The Guard Weak and Big Guard are members of the Wires. Guard Weak is a small fry enemy armed with a stun rod or a shield or a machine gun. The Big Guard is a large dude with a rotating blade weapon or a huge mace.


killerisdead_29 killerisdead_30


Killer is Dead isn’t all blood and guts. The game has romance too… kind of. Gigolo missions have Mondo seduce women. Natalia, a 27 year old from Brazil called the "Pheromone",  is one of the women Mondo meets in Killer is Dead. They start the night at a hotel bar where they grab a drink to break the ice. If you fail to impress Natalia and try to make a move she might slap you. On the other hand if you can increase her feelings to the max you can win her heart by giving her a present.


killerisdead_31 killerisdead_38 killerisdead_39


killerisdead_43 killerisdead_44


Mondo has a tool to help him in gigolo missions called Gigolo Glasses, which let you literally see through a woman’s heart and body. There are two kinds of glasses one with a pink frame and black sunglasses. When you put on the black sunglasses this happens…


killerisdead_46 killerisdead_47killerisdead_48 killerisdead_49 killerisdead_50 killerisdead_51 killerisdead_52 killerisdead_53 killerisdead_54 killerisdead_55


Killer is Dead is slated for a summer release in North America care of Xseed. Deep Silver will release the game in Europe.



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