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Killer Is Dead’s First Print DLC Adds A Fourth “Mondo Girl” To The Mix



In Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming game, Killer is Dead, you’ll be playing as Mondo Zappa an assassin, who will be impressing ladies in Gigolo Mode missions. In our previous report, we detailed some of the DLC bonuses that’ll come with the first-print copies of the game. Japanese publishers Kadokawa follows up with more info.




The keywords for the premium first-print DLC are: Beauty, Beast, and Lingerie.



The Beast part of the three keywords revolves around the story of a mysterious beauty (Betty) who shows up at the Bryan Execution Agency, looking severely wounded and wrapped in bandages. She requests the agency to take out the man who harmed her. After accepting the request, Mondo and the others head to an old castle located in Europe.


The extra DLC mission is called “The Man Who Stole Blood”. Completing the mission will reveal Betty’s true identity.


The Beauty part is about Betty “The Lifeforcer,” where you’ll get a chance to seduce her in Gigolo Mode. However, she’s going to be one tough girl to lure. The DLC adds Betty as the fourth “Mondo Girl” after Natalia,  Scarlett and Koharu.


Finally, the third part, Lingerie, is about the mysterious pair of black sunglasses, called the “Super Mondo Eye” that allow you to look through the Gigolo Girls’ clothes to look at their hearts (and their bodies). However, it seems like Scarlett alone has some sort of immunity against the effects of the glasses.


Killer is Dead is slated for release on August 1st in Japan and a Summer release in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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