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Killer Is Dead’s Quirky Side Missions Include Quality Nurse Time



In Kadokawa Games’ upcoming action title, Killer is Dead, you’ll be playing as a cyborg assassin named Mondo Zappa, who will be taking on requests to exterminate various targets. While most of the game’s story lies within its main mission mode, there’s also plenty more to do upon clearing the main story, such as sub-missions, gigolo missions, and the Scarlett Challenge.


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Killer is Dead will often start out at the Bryan Execution Agency, where people show up with various requests, which often requires having to eradicate someone their behalf.



The main missions are where you’ll be participating in various episodes of handling special requests from customers at the agency.



Sub-missions are a little different and much shorter than the main missions. They will consist of various types of requests and will also come with their own rewards.


Here’s a look at some of the sub-missions:


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010 009

This mission will have you searching for the vampire Sebastian’s wine, which is hidden throughout his castle. Apparently it is Bryan who has his eye on the valuable vintage wine.


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017 018

This strange mission will require you to retrieve a bonsai plant from the yakuza boss Hamadayama’s place.


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021 022

023 024

025 026

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029 030

Here’s a look at another sub-mission requested by Bryan. This time he wants a particular engine model. Mika will be supporting Mondo throughout this sub-mission, and will also be wearing a different costume (as shown above).



The Scarlett missions will have you take on challenges given by the nurse. She may not be too into Mondo at first, but upon clearing the missions, she’ll slowly start finding a little more interest in the assassin. The Gigolo Glasses won’t work on her, so this may be the key to her heart.


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035 036

037 039


Most of Scarlett’s challenges will consist of various combat requests, such as taking out specific enemies, while being restricted to using only certain actions. Upon clearing the challenges, you’ll be rewarded with a special “care” from the nurse.



Finally, the gigolo missions are where you’ll have to sweet talk gorgeous women and give them presents. There will be plenty of women to woo, but they’ll require different approaches. Check out our earlier report to see how the developers struggled on picking the perfect girls.


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048 049

Mondo will be skipping the chocolates and going straight to lingerie for the gifts he’ll be presenting to the “Mondo Girls” in the gigolo missions. By clearing stages, you can unlock more lingerie, which can be purchased as gifts. The above images of Natalia are actually through Mondo’s Gigolo Glasses.


Killer is Dead is slated for release in North America on August 27th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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