Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced, New Trailer Shown

Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix announced that it is developing Kingdom Hearts 4, the next game in the mainline Kingdom Hearts series. The company made the announcement as part of the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event held in Tokyo, Japan. Square Enix also released an announcement trailer for the game. No release dates or platforms were included in the announcement.

Sora will return as the main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts 4. The game will take place in Quadratum, the “fictional” world based on the real-life city of Shibuya, Tokyo. The announcement trailer gives fans a brief glimpse of what gameplay will look like. After waking up from a deep sleep, Sora fights against a large black monster in the center of a city. Strelitzia also makes an appearance at the beginning of the trailer.

Toward the end of the video, both Donald Duck and Goofy appear traveling in a dark location, looking for an unknown person. Then, a blue flame appears behind them, and the voice of what sounds to be Hades is heard. Hades has appeared in all past mainline Kingdom Hearts games as an antagonist.

You can check out the official Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement trailer below (starts at around 4:08):

In celebration of the game’s announcement, Square Enix also shared the full version of the anniversary sketch by series director Tetsuya Nomura, featuring Sora from all three past installments. As the name suggests, the upcoming game will be the fourth entry in the mainline Kingdom Hearts series. The last mainline game in the series was Kingdom Hearts 3, which released in 2019.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development.

Andrew Kiya
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