Kingdom Hearts III Drops Luminous Engine In Favor Of Unreal Engine 4

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Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura recently shared the latest on the development of the upcoming title, and according to the interview with Famitsu, it looks like Square Enix have dropped the Luminous engine and are going with Unreal Engine 4.


In our earlier report, it was noted that Square Enix were having some sort of design problems due to engine-related issues. The full interview reveals that this was a problem with the Luminous engine, which was dropped in favor for the Unreal Engine 4.


“The [development] is going steadily and according to the schedule,” said Nomura when asked about the development status of Kingdom Hearts III.


“Due to having switched to Unreal Engine 4 for various reasons, we’re having trouble on some parts as far as rendering goes, but with help from the folks at Epic Games, progress is going safely.”


While it may seem like a change of engine might be a big setback for Square Enix, Nomura reassures that the development is going fine and everything is still going according to schedule.


During the interview, Nomura also said that he’s currently working on the scenario scripts and choices for the worlds. He’s also working on the latest designs for Sora and Riku’s new outfits.


Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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