Kingdom Hearts Is Getting Fancy Roxas-Themed Jewelry By U-Treasure



We previously got to see a set of fancy Kingdom Hearts accessories by U-Treasure last year, and the jewelry company revealed some new ones coming soon with a Roxas-themed bracelet and necklace.



The “Roxas Icon Bracelet” is themed after the cross-shaped pendant that Roxas wearsm and it also has the crown from Sora’s necklace as a charm on the end. The bracelet will be available in silver for 12,000 yen plus tax or K10 yellow gold for 28,000 yen plus tax.



The necklace is based on the image of the iconic sea-salt ice cream. This one also comes with an extra charm on the end, and a touching one at that, with the “winner stick” that Roxas gave Axel as a farewell present. The necklace will be available for 12,800 yen plus tax.


Both the Roxas Icon Bracelet and Sea-Salt Ice Cream Necklace will be available for pre-order starting July 27. Those of you interested can find more at U-Treasure’s official website.

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