Kingdom Hearts King Mickey Plush Doll is Posable

Kingdom Hearts King Mickey plush doll

Square Enix opened up pre-orders of a posable Kingdom Hearts King Mickey plush action doll. It is a plush doll with movable limbs, standing at around 285 millimeters in height. It will cost 9,900 JPY, which is approximately $76.30. The Kingdom Hearts King Mickey action doll will come out on May 27, 2023. However, the Japanese Square Enix site does not offer international delivery.

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King Mickey is wearing a black coat and will not come with any items. You can put the hood up if you want to make him look more mysterious. There are a wide variety of photos on the Square Enix site, which show off the range of movement you can make Mickey pull off. A photo even shows him standing on one foot and posing dramatically. However, it is unclear from the photo if he can balance like that on his own, or if Square Enix placed a stand behind him.

This is not the first time that Kingdom Hearts merchandise featured King Mickey. Other goods for him include a silver necklace, a statue costing over $500, and a tote bag. In the case of the tote bag, it also came with a small Sora plush.

The Kingdom Hearts King Mickey plush action doll is open for pre-order via Square Enix. The latest mainline entry to the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts III, is available for the PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC,  and Nintendo Switch.

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