Kingdom Hearts Laundry Bags Offer a Way to Clear Away Clothes

Kingdom Hearts laundry nets

Square Enix will release a set of Kingdom Hearts laundry bags in the shapes of a Shadow, a Chirithy, and a Meow Wow. The set will cost 6930 JPY/$62.99 in Japan and North America. The set will go on sale on November 8, 2021 in Japan. In North America, it will ship in January 2022. In terms of the size, each laundry bag can fit about two t-shirts.

Like a normal laundry net, you can use them inside of the washing machine, as well as hanging them to dry. Square Enix did note on the website that you cannot put them in a dryer, so if you wish to dry them, you will have to let them air out. You can purchase a maximum of ten from the Square Enix website in Japan. The North American site doesn’t note any limitation.

Here are some more pictures of the Kingdom Hearts laundry bags:

Despite the plethora of mascot-like monsters in the Kingdom Hearts series, recent merchandise inspired by the games focused on the characters. For example, there is a statue that costs over $500 of King Mickey, as well as a Hallmark Christmas ornament of him.

The Kingdom Hearts laundry bags will be available for purchase from the Square Enix website in Japan on November 8, 2021 for 6930 JPY. The North American site is already accepting pre-orders, with a temporary price drop making the set $56.69 instead of $62.99. Each set will come with three laundry nets.

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