Kingdom Hearts: Union χ Launches On March 23 In Japan For iPhone And Android



Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ is getting a name change as part of a major update, and it’ll be called Kingdom Hearts: Union χ when the update hits in Japan on March 23, Square Enix announced.


As previously detailed, Kingdom Heats: Union χ (Cross) introduces a new mode called Union Cross that will allow players to team up in parties of six to take on quests. The update will also add new chapters to the story as part of the version update.


Those who are currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ will get to continue playing without any disturbances when the update launches.


There’s also a pre-registration campaign going on with four of the five goals already met. The fifth and final stretch goal needs 50,000 registrations for 5,000 Jewels, 7 Special Medals (Sora & Roxas).


Kingdom Hearts: Union χ launches in Japan on March 23, 2017 for iPhone and Android.

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