Kirby 30th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji Will Have Dancing Alarm Clock

kirby 30th anniversary ichiban kuji

The “Ichiban Kuji Kirby 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collection” will appear in Lawson and Ichiban Kuji Online stores starting May 21, 2022. There are a total of eight types of products that you can pull for from the lottery. It will also have a Double Chance Campaign that increases the chance for people to obtain the A Prize, which is the Kirby alarm clock. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

The full list of prizes that are in the Kirby 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collection is:

  • A Prize: Victory Dance! Alarm clock
  • B Prize: Twinkle☆ anniversary plush
  • C Prize: Spring Breeze☆ mascot (3 variations)
  • D Prize: Riding on the Spring Breeze☆ glass collection (6 variations)
  • E Prize: Commemorative design towel ~Start of an adventure~ (7 variations)
  • F Prize: Key motif charm ~I won’t forget this memory~ (6 variations)
  • Last One Prize: Always best friends calendar
  • Double Chance Campaign: Victory Dance! Alarm clock (30 total)

There is also a YouTube video that shows off how the products look like. For example, you can see that the Kirby alarm clock has three Kirbys moving along to his victory song. You can also see that the C prize mascot looks like Kirby swallowing a Waddle Dee that does not look too happy with its predicament.

You can take a closer look at the prizes in the video below.

The Ichiban Kuji Kirby 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collection will appear in Lawson and Ichiban Kuji Online starting May 21, 2022. It will cost 650 JPY per try.

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