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Kirby Cafe Adds New Items for Winter 2021

Kirby Cafe Winter

Winter is coming, and the Kirby Cafe in Japan is prepared for the cold weather festivities. The café will feature returning items from the 2020 winter celebration. That said, the menu will also include new dishes and merchandise. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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Kirby Burger

The Kirby Burger, a mainstay of the Kirby Cafe menu, will be upgraded for the winter to include “powdered snow cheese pasta.” For the winter, the burger bun is decorated to resemble Kirby wearing a scarf.

The Kirby Burger with Powdered Snow Cheese Pasta goes for JPY 2,680 (about $24 USD).

Waddle Dee Burger

It’s not just Kirby gracing the patties this year, though. For this winter, the Kirby Cafe added a new item based on classic Kirby foe Waddle Dee. The Winter Waddle Dee burger is similar to the Kirby Burger, but features a decorative bun showing Waddle Dee in a knit cap.

The Waddle Dee Burger with Powdered Snow Cheese Pasta goes for JPY 2,680 (about $24 USD).

Dedede Kakuni The Mountain

Mount Dedede makes an appearance in this Kirby Cafe menu with “King Dedede’s Kakuni The Mountain.” It will be a special braised pork belly dish. The wintry effect is added by grated radish and vermicelli on top of the cheese sauce.

King Dedede’s Kakuni The Mountain goes for JPY 1,180 (about $11 USD).

Whispy Woods

Those looking for sweets can try “Kirby’s Winter Fun Time,” a caramel pudding cake topped with whipped cream. Fruits in chocolate fondue sauce are arranged to show off Kirby ice-fishing in the Whispy Woods.

The Kirby’s Winter Fun Time set goes for JPY 2180 (about $20 USD).

Other dishes and merchandise are featured on the Kirby Cafe Winter official page.

The Kirby Cafe has locations in Tokyo and Hakata in Japan. The Kirby Cafe Winter promotion will open on November 18, 2021 and run until February 28, 2022. The next game in the seriesKirby and the Forgotten Land, is in development. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022.

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