Kirby: Star Allies News Bonanza Stars Allies, Copy Abilities, And Mini-Games

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Lots of new information for Kirby: Star Allies dropped today, including the ability to only play as generic enemy characters, new Copy and Friend Abilities, and a cute, stylized trailer for the game.


New special movie:


New Copy Ability: Stick

star allies 1

star allies 2


On the latest Japanese episode of The Cat Mario Show, two new Copy abilities were shown off: Stick, and Festival. Stick takes inspiration from Sun Wukong from the Chinese classic Journey to the West, and the pole Kirby wields can extend to perform various tricks.


Here is the introductory trailer below:


New Copy Ability: Festival

star allies 3

Festival is a new screen-clearing Copy Ability where Kirby and his friends perform a dance of death towards the enemies.


Here is the introductory video below:


Additionally, new introductory videos for the Artist and Spider Abilities were also updated on the official website:






New Friend Abilities:

star allies 4

Painted Object: The resulting creation of the Artist Ability fusing with Stone Ability.


star allies 5

Water Ability x Ninja Ability.


star allies 6

Clean Ability x Yo-yo Ability.


Friend Attacks:

Several new Friend Actions were revealed through videos on the main website, as well as videos for ones previously seen in trailers and the Nintendo Direct Mini:


Friend Circle:


Friend Bridge:


Friend Train:


Friend Star:


Friend Helpers:

Nintendo further updated the site to show gameplay videos of every Friend Helper available in the game. Each Helper acts as a permanently usable version of a particular Friend Ability, with all the respective moves available. Chef Kawasaki is playable with the Cook Ability, and the returning Ability has an expanded moveset that includes throwing plates and cups. The signature Cook ability is now a special move with cooldown.


You can find the videos at the bottom of this page.


Bosses: The Three Mage Generals:

star allies 7


Apart from Francisca, who was shown off during the January Direct Mini, the main site updated information on her counterparts, who have also come to Popstar. Together, they are the Three Mage Generals, who command the invading army.


Other bosses:

star allies 8

The latest Famitsu preview shows off two new bosses, one of which is a new, starship-like boss, while the other is Pon & Con, returning from Kirby’s Dreamland 3. [Thanks, Famitsu!]



Woodcutting Contest:


Players take on each other, to see how much wood they can chop. The chopping motion is done by swinging the Joy-Con.


The Galactic Home-run King:


How far can Kirby knock the ball? It seems that space is not the final frontier after all. By accurately timing the gauges, players compete to see who is the Galactic Home-run King.



The following amiibo are compatible with Kirby: Star Allies:

  • Kirby from the Super Smash Bros. series
  • Meta Knight from the Super Smash Bros. series
  • King Dedede from the Super Smash Bros. series
  • Kirby from the Kirby series
  • Meta Knight from the Kirby series
  • King Dedede from the Kirby series
  • Waddle-dee from the Kirby series
  • Qbby from the Boxboy! series


Kirby: Star Allies will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 16, 2018.

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