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Kirby’s Dream Land 2 and Other Joins Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online Games announced in March 2023

The list of retro games available on Switch continues to grow. Nintendo announced four new games joining the repertoire of classic titles available with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The latest lineup includes

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Kirby’s Dream Land 2, which appeared on the Game Boy. In total, this batch consists of one game that appeared on the NES, one for the SNES, and two for the classic Game Boy.

The Game Boy application gets Kirby’s Dream Land 2 and Burguertime Deluxe. Meanwhile, Namco’s shoot ’em up Xevious is available in the NES application. Finally, the remaining SNES game is the billiards simulator Side Pocket.

Below is the official announcement along with a preview of each of the games coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service. No Expansion Pass is required to play any of them.

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is the first game to feature Rick, Kine, and Coo, the three friendly animals that offer various abilities to help Kirby at each level. With this, there are now eight Kirby games available with the Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pass subscriptions.

The four newly announced games are already available from the Game Boy, NES, and SNES apps on the Nintendo Switch worldwide. You need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access these apps.

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