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Kirby’s Twitter Account Is Teasing… Something For Kirby: Star Allies


kirby star allies 1

It’s been several months since the last major update for Kirby: Star Allies, and some may think that support for the game has already ended. However, the Kirby Twitter account has begun to tweet out some mysterious messages that seem to hint at something (or somebody) coming to the game.


The first message, tweeted yesterday, says this:


It is said that in this galaxy there is a “hole” that can lead to a dimension different from our own…

It’s a story that I’ve heard once before…

I wonder if it really exists?”


kirby star allies 2

The second message, tweeted today, says this:


Lord Hyness said that if we gather an immense amount of strong power, we’ll be able to open a… um, that’s right, a “hole” to another dimension!

He said it’d be dangerous, because we’d be crossing time and space into another world!!”


Kirby: Star Allies is available for the Nintendo Switch. The second large update launched back on July 27, 2018.

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