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Kiryu And Majima Find Themselves In Trouble At An Early Age In Yakuza Zero



After Sega announced Yakuza Zero, we learned that the game takes place in 1988 with two fan-favorite characters in Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima as the protagonists. Famitsu shares a little about the trouble they get themselves into during the years of their early prime.


Before getting further details on the two protagonists, here’s a look and some descriptions of the game’s fictional districts of Kamurocho and Soutenburi.



Kamurocho, Tokyo, is all about its wining and dining, manners and customs, also known as the “sleepless city” that attracts greedy gamblers. On the other hand, it’s also houses the infamous Tojo Clan that has been fighting over territorial disputes on a daily basis.



Soutenburi of Osaka is part of the Kansai area that is filled with energy, but it is also known as the home turn of the powerful yakuza association known as the Omi Alliance. Both Kamurocho and Soutenburi have a beauty them, but they’re both just as dangerous…



Kazuma Kiryu is part of East Japan’s most notorious organization, the Tojo Clan. More specifically, he is a member of the Dojima Family, the Tojo Clan’s most powerful subsidiary.


Kiryu lost his parents when he was a child, and was raised at the Sunflower Orphanage that was founded by Shintaro Kazama, a young leader of the Dojima Family. Since then, Kiryu joined the Dojima Family, and is known as a member of one of their strongest forces.


One day in December of 1988, a certain dilemma occurred within the organization, surrounding a certain murder case that happened in the back alleys of Kamurocho… and it was pointed at Kiryu’s savior, Shintaro Kazama.


In order to protect someone important to him, Kiryu is determined to step out of the Dojima Family.



Goro Majima runs a cabaret club in Soutenburi, Osaka, called “Grand”. Contrary to his unreliable and dishonest looks, he is bold and polite when it comes to work. He is known as the “Emperor of the Night,” who helped the cabaret club Grand rise from the bottom to top.


However, he is actually a former yakuza member who was being chased by a certain organization. Up until several years prior, he was actively involved in organization work for the Tojo Clan in Tokyo, but one day he opposed plans for a surprise attack by the clan.


Afterwards, he lived a fierce life of confinement due to his opposition. He was then sent to Osaka to monitor the Omi Alliance, as his only condition for being “kept alive”.


While he dreams of returning to the Tojo Clan in order to reunite with his close friend, one day, he is told that if he ever wants to have his dream come true, he must meet the condition of killing a certain someone as part of an order…


Yakuza Zero is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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