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Knock Out Your Business Proposals With Fighting Game Video Call Backgrounds [Update]

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It seems like video chat backgrounds are about to become the next new trend for giveaways on social media, as apart from Atlus and Sega, several other video game companies have also released backgrounds of their games for people to use during their stay indoors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, several companies have focused on releasing fighting game backgrounds.

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Here are a few of them below:

For those who prefer a more retro aesthetic, SNK has released some pixel art backgrounds from the Fatal Fury series, Samurai Shodown series, and The King of Fighters series:

They include Kyo Kusanagi and Japan Team’s home stage set in Esaka, and Terry Bogard’s home stage in Fatal Fury 2and more.

Meanwhile, the Granblue Fantasy Versus Twitter account has released the background art for 12 of the game’s stages. Check them out below:

Part 1 – Port Breeze, Valtz, Auguste, Albion


Part 2 – Amalthea, Golonzo, Lumacie, Pandemonium


Part 3 – VS Rose Queen, VS Proto Bahamut, VS Beelzebub, VS Yggdrasil

As a reminder, all the backgrounds need to be adjusted to at least 960px wide and a 16:9 image if you want to use them for Zoom.

Check out more video call backgrounds with Promare and Final Fantasy here; Puyo Puyo, Batman, and Superman here, and more video game backgrounds here.

Update: Capcom has released some Street Fighter backgrounds as well:

Classic Street Fighter:

Modern Street Fighter:

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