Koei Tecmo have plenty to show at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and they’ve provided a list of their full lineup on their official TGS 2015 website. Here’s are the console games they’ll showcase at the event:


  • Attack on Titan—PS4, PS3, and Vita (trailer/stage)


  • Arslan: The Warriors of Legend—PS4, PS3 (demo/trailer/stage)


  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII—PS4, PS3, PC (trailer/stage/live stream)


  • Hyrule Warriors Legend—3DS (demo/trailer/stage)


  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3—PS4, Vita (stage/live stream)


  • Samurai Warriors 4: Empires—PS4, PS3, Vita (demo/trailer)


  • Angelique Retour—Vita, PSP (trailer/stage)


  • La Corda d’Oro 4—Vita (trailer)


  • Land of No Night—PS4, PS3, Vita (trailer, stage/live stream)


  • Atelier Sophie—PS4, PS3, Vita (demo/trailer/stage/live stream)


  • Nobunaga’s Ambition Online—PS4, PS3, PC (trailer/live stream)


  • Uncharted Waters Online—PS4, PS3, PC (trailer/live stream)


  • Dynasty Warriors Online Z—PS4, PS3, PC (trailer/live stream)


Tokyo Game Show 2015 will be held from September 17th to 20th.

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