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KOF XV Heidern Trailer Introduces the General of the Soldiers of Fortune

KOF XV Heidern

KOF XV will feature the return of Heidern as a playable character. The new character trailer shows off the mercenary general’s self-made assassination techniques and features a scene involving Blue Mary. Unlike the previous King of Fighters XIV in which he appeared as a DLC fighter, Heidern will be included as a base roster member.

Heidern has appeared in practically every KOF game since his debut in KOF ’94. He is the leader of the Ikari Warriors mercenary group and the adoptive father of fellow fighter Leona Heidern. It’s currently unclear who Heidern’s teammates will be, as his Ikari subordinates Leona, Ralf, and Clark are already in a team of their own.

The fighter’s character trailer shows off many of Heidern’s martial arts techniques, including his iconic Storm Bringer attack. The character is also more muscular in appearance in comparison to KOF XIV, though wearing a nearly identical uniform. Furthermore, the character trailer also features the soundtrack “Inspite of One’s Age ~Ver. Immortal~” — Heidern’s official theme from KOF 2002. Haruo Yamagishi will reprise his role as Heidern’s voice actor.

You can check out the official KOF XV Heidern trailer below:

SNK revealed late last month that K’ would also make a return in KOF XV during Tokyo Game Show 2021. It also revealed a newcomer named Isla, who has special entity “hands” that help her fight. Character designer Tomohiro Nakata also commented on how K’s Ein Trigger has been changed to allow for better follow-up moves.

KOF XV will launch for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on February 17, 2022.

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