Korean Horror Game The Coma Is About Being Trapped In School At Night


Being at school is horror enough but being there at night while ghosts lurk its corridors? Screw that. Still, it might make for a good 2D survival horror game. At least, that’s what Seoul-based studio Devespresso Games is hoping with its upcoming game The Coma.


It has you playing as a Korean high-school student who, after staying up all night cramming in revision, collapses into a deep sleep after taking his final exam. When he wakes up, it’s night time and the school has been abandoned.


You have to help him escape the school’s hellish corridors while avoiding his classmates and teachers who have all warped into frightening ghosts. But that’s not the worst of it.


There’s also something called “the Hunter” inside the dark school. If you don’t run, hide, and hold your breath she’ll find you and subject you to her terrible scream. It won’t just deafen you either – this’ll kill you.


The Coma is slated to come out for PC in October, so just in time for Halloween. Right now, it’s also up on Steam Greenlight. You can check out its website for more info too.

Chris Priestman