Kotobukiya Bishoujo Star Trek Vulcan Figure Inspired by Spock

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Star Trek Vulcan Figure Inspired by Spock

Kotobukiya’s Kurosu took to MyFigureCollection to explain the inspiration behind the first Star Trek Bishoujo figure and noted that Spock did inspire the character. While the finished product is based on a general science officer from the original series, the different renditions of one of the most famous Vulcan’s in the show influenced her.

Specifically, a handful of the Kotobukiya Star Trek Vulcan Bishoujo figure are designed to be callbacks to Spock. In the article, Kurosu cited the makeup referencing that of Leonard Nimoy’s in the original TV show. Her hair color is also black, referencing the various portrayals of the character over the years. At one point during the design process, it almost ended up being “light gray.”

Kurosu also noted the haircut in another point in the piece. Shunya Yamashita, the designer for the Bishoujo series, maintained the “signature five-point cut” that Star Trek Vulcans tend to have. However, the sculptor did need to redo the prototype’s hair and ears.

The article from Kurosu also hinted at some additional Star Trek Bishoujo figures that could appear. Kotobukiya picked generic crew members to go with different officers. Kurosu noted, “We’re hoping to make other officers, such as an operations officer, command officer, and explore a variety of options in this series.”

The Star Trek Bishoujo figure is expected to arrive in Japan in September 2023, with a worldwide release appearing sometime after.

Jenni Lada
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