Kotobukiya Mega Man X Falcon Armor model kit
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Kotobukiya Reveals a Bunch of New Mega Man Model Kits

Kotobukiya revealed a new selection of Mega Man model kits from various entries in the franchise. The new figures include Black Zero, a new Max Armor version, a Falcon Armor, and a revision to the original Mega Man plastic model kit. According to the company, these releases will be made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mega Man X.

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The Black Zero model is based on the upgrade version of Zero that appears from Mega Man X 4 onwards. Most notably, this new figure will include both blue and red parts for the forehead so as to also replicate the appearance of Fake Zero from Mega Man X2.

The new Max Armor will be based on the Triad Thunder weapon iteration with matching colors. In addition, it will be released with thunder effects and accessories to add the original version of the armor to change its aspect.

For the Falcon Armor, Kotobukiya shared photos of the unpainted Mega Man X model. This version of X’s armor features the armor’s iconic bird-like details such as the robotic wings and the chest plate resembling a beak.

Finally, the last new model kit is a revision of the classic Mega Man based on its appearance from the 11th game. This is the only one of the lot with a planned released window, set for Autumn 2023, the rest are yet to be determined

With these new releases, Kotobukiya will have developed model kits for all of the main armor sets from Mega Man X1 to X6. Most recently, in November 2022, the company released a Blade Armor model including the Z Saber. As for the new batch of figures, Kotobukiya has not yet shared the price or any specific release date.

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